Il corso mira a fornire le competenze necessarie per comprendere e sostenere conversazioni in lingua inglese e produrre elaborati scritti all’interno di possibili situazioni reali.



  • Grammar revision
  • Tenses, conditions, modal verbs using should, might, can, could, must, have to and has to
  • Comparatives and superlatives
  • Commonly used idiomatic phrases
  • Writing and answering e-mails
  • Conservation – general, social plus business conversation
  • Answering and making telephone calls- common terms used
  • Introduction and presentation of themselves, company or organization
  • Asking and giving directions eg. Eg road directions and other places;
  • Business conversation dealing with orders, promotions, complaints and habndling
  • Difficult job situations
  • Food, restaurants, hotel, flight booking and asking for information
  • Shopping … vocabulary
  • Getting t know different cultures and habits of different countries talking about your city, or town


BELLUNO dal 21/03/2017 al 20/06/2017 orario 19.30 – 22.30

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